Making it rain at the right time!

Whatever your crop, year-round production is guaranteed!

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Practical, mobile and ideal for small and medium-sized areas!

With Irrigat solutions, you have the control to irrigate your property whenever you want, whatever your crop, leaving worries in the past and ensuring profit all year round.


The key to increasing your productivity and ensuring profit all year round.

Why is Irrigat the solution for you?

  • More stability: guarantees production at any time.

  • More profit: promotes an increase in production throughout the year.

  • More savings: installing the system does not require work.

  • More time: simple and easy handling requires little labor.

Talk to one of our specialists now!

Fale conosco para podermos lhe explicar bem como funciona nosso sistema de irrigação Irrigat. Uma troca de ideias vai ajudá-lo a entender como conseguimos tantos clientes satisfeitos, aumentando e garantindo a sua produção em todas as safras.

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Testimony from those who already know

Joel Pinheiro


“Very good irrigation reel system! Its functionality and practicality makes a difference in the producer’s daily life.”

Marcos Delevove


“The equipment works constantly, the staff is very satisfied with the ease of handling, operation and functionality.”

Andres Macchi


“We saw a huge improvement in our crops with the Irrigat system. The coil is easy to handle, one person can operate the entire system without any problems. The investment is recovered in the short term.”